In our Facility our dates are brought from the field and go through a series of steps that pass through storage, pre-sorting, cleaning, final sorting followed by packing. We do all processes in house in our farm. This guarantees AbuAyyash quality treatment throughout the whole process.


We first introduce our crop into the pre sorting stage where we remove undesired and high moisture dates, this is an imporatant step becase seperating high moisture dates from dryer dates allows for dates to have a longer shelf life


Above our facility, solar panels dominate the roof taking advantage of the sunny weather we experience year round at our farm. We owe back to the earth and the environment as it continues to bless us each year

Storage Facility

Twelve high specification state of the art dedicated deep freeze units to maintain fresh dates year round. Dates are stored at a -18 degrees celcius environment, a deep freeze state that allows dates to stay fresh all year round

Packing House

Our packing is done at the end process as we seal in the freshness, using high quality food grade packaging. We specialise in a variety of packaging suitable for all occasions, from single dates packing to bulk supplier packing.


Hygiene at our facility is a priority as we abide by BRC standards, our dates are also cleaned with the use of the latest high quality horse hair brushes that gently brush and clean the dates.


We continue to break ground in our field each day, as we always look for the newest and best technologies to be implemented to further our abilities and stay connected in this never ending innovative age. 


10 Elia Abu Madi Street

Amman, Shumaysani, 11185



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